How does the content scanner work?

Looking at the database file, it appears we can identify content by filename, size, CRC, MD5 or SHA1. If I scan a folder of Blu-ray images does it calculate the CRC, MD5 and SHA1 of every file in the folder to see if it matches anything in the database?


I think for optical disk images, it will check known serial locations and if it finds nothing will just skip.

This is what I’m getting at. If were scanning an .img file, it could be a track on an optical disc or an EPROM dump, maybe a tape image or even a floppy image… Say we need to scan a file “track1.img”, which is a 40Mb - how do we decide what is it or how to scan it?

looks like it’s based on filetype, and ambiguous formats like bin/img aren’t supported: