How emulate mouse by gamepad Right Analog


How emulate mouse by gamepad Right Analog? I want use this for emulate Wiimote (cursor moving). My original mouse move the cursor (for WII game Super Mario Galaxy) perfectly. But I want move the cursor by Right Analog

Used core: 1.7.5-dolphin-emu31038b6

My gamepad driver: Xbox 360 gamepad.


Anybody , please. Up


I’m not sure if you can do this in RetroArch itself, but don’t quote me on that - I don’t use RA’s internal controls the same way everyone else does - so I simply don’t know.

Anyway, the way I achieve right stick = mouse is by using another program, xpadder. It lets you map your controller directly to keyboard/mouse functions. There’s also Joy2Key but I have not used that personally.


Very sad for retroarch can’t do it. My decisions:

  1. I’m remap right analog to mouse using Steam.
  2. Or - better, to use dolphin emulator , with better quality and possibility setup right analog as wiimote cursor moving (not using another soft).