How is Paper Mario meant to look?


As in, how does it look when run from a Nintendo 64? The size of the bubble and ratio of the screen change depending on which core I use.




Just judging by the text, it looks like ParaLLEl-N64 may be squishing it vertically. I would try loading it up with Angrylion, even if it’s not full speed, as it should indicate how it’s supposed to look.


It’s been ages since I’ve played it but the 2nd one looks more correct. Especially when you look at the speech bubble. It’s popping off ‘the page’ is part of the games art style.


Never thought of it as pop-out effect, really makes sense now. I just thought that bit was meant to be cut somehow.

This is Parallel with Angrylon for reference.


Looks like Mupen64plus-libretro is the one that’s doing it wrong.