How is the performace on retroarch in

(windows 95 , windows 98 , 2000 , xp and gamecube?) I have always been curious how the performance is in those systems, is there someone who has been able to use it or try it at some time?

A couple of years ago i did some tests on a Core2duo laptop with Intel 4500MHD, Windows XP and most cores were running fine and some shaders too like crt-pi. Screen resolution was 1280x800 iirc.

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Windows 95/98 didn’t work the last time I tried it, but that was quite some time ago. The XP version also had it’s problems, but now works fine it seems. There is only GLSL shader support and limited selection of cores though. Gamecube was always something of a half-Wii. The console versions all tend to have issues in my experience depending on available maintainers.


Problem is you won’t find drivers for a bit of modern graphics cards for windows 95/98/XP. Example not past Radeon HD4xxx or so (XP, win98 a lot earlier like geforce fx 5xxx).

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Nvidia support for XP was quite good, there are drivers up to at least Geforce 900 series, ATI is at least 7xxxx. I have two XP setups, one with a GT 640 (2012) and a Thin Client with Radeon HD 6xxx inside, but put an additional 3xxx card in there for 240/288 support, from HD5xxxx on you’ll likely need CRT Emudriver.

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thanks so much for anwser my post

And above all if you use XP, the system won’t have any security on the internet.