How manually add boxart for games ?

Hello thanks for read my topic. I want to download boxart images for games , but the games use TOSEC naming and Retroarch use No-intro naming thus boxart download not works. Is possible download boxart pack file for each system core. In Linux where is the correct folder to write all boxart to each core ? Need create any cfg or other config file to allow display boxart for each game in retroarch GUI ? I had created folder /boxart/NES/ and moved all files there , but not is displayed the boxart even boxart file using exact same name from game. Retroarch requires exactly no-intro and checksums to load boxart ?

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I can’t say about Linux, but in a Windows environment it’s enough that the name of the PNG file is the same as that found inside the Playlist file of the system you want, on the line “label”:

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To answer the first, you can get the thumbnails for systems here at this git hub page

Note that doesn’t have all systems like Atomiswave, Sega - Naomi etc. I remember that for some games in my experience it helped renaming them ie “SonicCD” to “Sonic CD (USA)”, the bin/ cue games may be a bit trickier because then you have to open up the cue file to rename them. That is if you use the thumbnail updater option from Lakka/Retroarch. You could also do things manually.

There is also 2 seperate things to remember the rom name and the label name are different. You game/rom name may be (in this neo geo rom example for Metal Slug X) mslugx but the label name might appear as Metal Slug X etc etc. You can enable the option to allow renaming of the label name which is for the playlist. Check out the playlist for your ROM and core and you will see what I am talking about. Another way to change the label name is to open it up and change it via a Linux distro and then save it (you may need to open it as root user to save the changes).

You can check the thumbnail (Box art) guide in this libretro page which has a video tutorial