Lakka Interface, Thumbnails, scanning etc RPI4

A few short videos on Lakka OS touching upon Thumbnails, XMB GUI, and manually scanning roms.

Videos Page - Check out the tutorial Videos on LBRY Odyssey as that is the main collection of the tutorial videos

Lakka XMB apperance settings

NEC PC-FX tutorial for Lakka OS

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Videos on LBRY as well -

Lakka audio initial set up on RPI4

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LBRY Odysee is a YouTube alternative, More Tutorials are posted there

PC Engine CD / TurboGrafx CD Tutorial

Adding DLC content for you PSP Roms (PPSSPP)

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Lakka - Setting up Sega Atomiswave video tutorial (RPi)

Lakka OS - Setting up Sega Naomi video tutorial (RPi)

Lakka OS - EasyRPG (RPG 2000/2003) Setting Up Tutorial (RPi4)

Scanning ROMs (games) for RetroArch

Adding Thumbnails for RetroArch

Retroarch: Setting a Overlay

Nice tutorial man i needed the help

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Lakka OS: How to Turn on or off the Time & Date

Lakka OS Final Burn Neo set up

PC-98 tutorial video