How much $ Budget needed for a PC which can compete with a PS4?

If you’ve noticed, recently, i made a topic about why i always chose Console over a traditional PC for next gen gaming which u can find it in here:

Now, i wanted to raise a question out of curiosity, ok so, a PS4 Pro would cost me $450 so i can game on it. But how much budget with what specs i have to put aside for a PC to compete with a PS4 which i want it to have at least steady 30fps in 1080p resolution at any game such as The Witcher, or Red Dead 2.

Thank you.

Assuming the prices are the same in your country, using “best values” components (NB : you might be able to play at 4k 60fps with those) :

  • ryzen 3 3300x => 150$
  • nvidia gtx 1650 => 150$
  • basic MSI am4 motherboard => 60$
  • 2x4gb ram => 50$
  • 1tb HD => 50$

we are just around 450$ already, after that it’s up to you to decide on what you want for tower/psu/keyboard/mouse, there are cheap ones, but maybe you’ll want something better

I think like most things gaming related, it all comes down to personal preference. The point you are making is not a new one though. The PC is and always has been more expensive… but it is the versatility you are paying for after all so I guess there is sort of a “do you need a good PC in your everyday life anyway” sort of factor as well. If you do, then spending more on a console wouldn’t save you any money.

There is an argument to be made about “configuring” games. I have been around PC’s since 3.11 for Workgroups (pre Win95) so I don’t usually encounter any issues I haven’t been able to resolve.

PC is better for “retro gaming” :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess that response should have went in your other thread. If you are really wondering about how much you should spend then yeah I mostly agree with BarbuDreadMon except make it 2x8GB ram for high textures, an SSD for your OS and more than 1tb HDD (more the merrier). 4tb externals are about $140 Canadian at Walmart. You could do really well with $1000 if your thrifty.

Well, yes as i mentioned, it’s all up to a user, You of course need a PC in your everyday life but, the thing i was specifically focused was, next gen gaming Yes i do have a mini PC with RetroArch installed for Retro purposes, nothing can beat that, it’s not high end but it does it’s job as an everyday use and of course Retro gaming But if i want to play the games such as Doom Eternal, Red Dead 2, and the exclusive games, i always relate to a PS4 Pro or an XBOX One X If a user would want a PC for just next gen gaming it’s, not worth the time n money