How to add Naomi playlist (Flycast)

A lot of games (Naomi), such as Capcom vs Snk 2, require two files. One in zip (cvs2) format, the other (gdl-0008.chd) in a separate folder with the same name as the zip. Everything works great when loading the game manually. However, when I try to add a playlist with a game, retroarch thinks I’m running the game on Dreamcast. Is there any way to have a playlist of naomi / naomi 2 / atomiswave games?

Try manual scan using zip as only file extension and sega naomi as system name (it should be already selectable)

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I just tried the automatic scan and it recognizes some of the CHDs files, the file that Flycast has to load is the .zip file. That’s why it doesn’t work.

Yes, the disk images (CHDs) have to be next to the .zip (ROM), in a folder with the same name.

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Scanning in this system has to be manual: Import Content > Manual Scan And set the following parameters.

  • Content Directory: Your Naomi, Atomiswave or Naomi2 game directory.
  • System Name: Custom
  • Custom System Name: Arcade Naomi, or whatever you want to use.
  • Default Core: Sega- Dreamcast/Naomi (Flycast)
  • Arcade DAT File: select Naomi.dat, I share mine with you.
  • Arcade DAT Filter: YES
  • Start Scan nothing else is needed, you have the list created instantly.

The two DAT steps are to get the names correct, based on the MAME names. Note that the latest sets (ROM/CHD) of MAME must be used to avoid errors.



@Hari-82, @alexb3d Thank you very much. Manual scanning solved the problem, especially with the dat file.


As it is based on MAME, you can also use the official XML file, but it is a bit heavier.