How to Clear Hotkeys?

I’m using the 02EM core and there are some games that require the use of the keyboard to play. I created my own config file for the core and mapped all of the hotkeys to the function buttons. My solution works, but I don’t want my computer to freak out if I fat finger one of the numerical keys and hit the function key.

Is there a way to clear the hotkeys? I know you can clear input bindings per controller, but I can’t seem to clear the hotkey buttons, just remap them. I want to have only the menu toggle and exit hotkey enabled to F1 and Escape. Does anyone know if this is feasible?

There is a way but I totally forgot.

Maybe select on controller or space when the hotkey is highlighted before you have activated a bind

@Thatman84 Thanks for the reply. Tried both. Space bar did nothing and select on my gamepad brought up an info box on what the hot key does.

To clear controls, bind a key to “Y” input and use that key while the control you wish to clear is highlighted. But be careful, clearing dpad input or A/B inputs may make this process difficult.