How to compile retroarch binary for Lakka?

Merry christmas to everyone,

I’ve been reading through google, github, on retropie and can’t find any solution for my RPi 3, what’s my problem? I use retropie for a like console and everything it’s fine. Also I use Kodi (mainly) to watch/listen media, but going from one part to another sometimes it’s kind of slow, ok, what have I tried?

Retropie with Kodi installed

Pros: Full customization, game scrapping, cloud saving (rclone), retroflag case, etc. Cons: Kodi stucked at fixed version.


Pros: Separated OS from each need, each version is updatable Cons: Slow start on any os (sometimes)

Libereelec with Gamestarter addon

Pros: Fast launching game mode, full retroarch customization, kind of; Kodi upgradable Cons: Retroarch stucked at fixed version

I, personally, liked recently last option, because if I want to play a rom fastly, this is the best way.

What would I want? I’d like to compile retroarch for gamestarter addon (Librelec/Lakka), currently, my last compiled version is 1.9.0 and I can do this on retropie with these options:

CFLAGS='-mfpu=neon' ./configure --enable-alsa --enable-udev --enable-floathard --enable-neon --enable-dispmanx --disable-opengl1



How could I build a binary for this for libreelec/lakka? which options do I need to use?