How to consistently save the last used shaders directory

Every time I navigate to a shaders folder, then I can move to the next or previous shader in that folder by using the hotkeys.

If I quit and restart RA though, it starts from the root directory.

I would like it to remember the last folder I used between sessions. Why isn’t the last folder used remembered between RA runs?


because that information would have to be written to file somewhere to persist across sessions, and it’s not even universally desirable behavior (I wouldn’t want it, for example), so we would need to create an option to enable/disable it, so now we have 2 settings we would have to track for it, and all that has to go into the menu, and we have to write sublabel text for it, and the text and the sublabel have to be translated, and on and on.

Well this could be said for every feature to be added actually. It is just a matter of how many people would find it useful :man_shrugging:

I definitely will for this case but I might be alone lol

yeah, definitely. It’s a lot of work, and each additional option adds that much more potential for confusion, so we have to be judicious. I think we fell into the xkcd workflow trap too much in the past, creating options for preferences that should either just be straight-up changed (because it’s better for everyone) or left alone as ‘wontfix’.