How to delete retropad overlay without turning off overlays

I am using retroarch on android TV box and I managed to add a large number of overlays which all detect the games automatically. However when a game doesn’t have an overlay I get the retropad overlay. How can I turn off or delete the retropad overlay without turning off the overlay settings from the menu so I can keep using the games overlay such as arcade and consoles side overlays? The retropad overlay is really annoying because I don’t need it as i am using a joypad.

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Once you turn off the overlay, save a game override.

Thank you so much for your reply, you mean there are no settings which can turn off only the retropad overlay from all games while the overlay settings is on? I need to save game override on all the games one by one which get the retropad overlay correct?

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AFAIK that is the only way.

Thank you again, before posting here I delete the retropad overlay from the folder, but it kept showing. I think it is also located in a hidden folder for protecting the users from deleting it as they will get locked without the retropad overlay. In my case I’m using an Android TV box not a mobile phone, therefore I can not get locked.