How to disable Kiosk Mode?

I enabled Kiosk Mode hoping that it would be very easy to disable it. It didn’t ask for a password and removed the Settings option. But now I’m stuck in it. From the internet I learned that a “Disable Kiosk Mode” option should be available in the Main Menu, but it’s not there. Now how do I disable it?

Open your retroarch.cfg in a text editor, look for kiosk_mode_enable and set it to “false”.

When you enable kiosk mode in the menu, the password option is revealed, and it explains:

The password is necessary for unlocking the option to disable it from the main menu.

The option is intended to lock the settings down so they can’t be modified, and that wouldn’t really work if you could just change it from the menu easily.


Oh, I didn’t notice the new password menu entry while I was enabling Kiosk Mode. Thanks!

Can we set a blank password or does it have to be some character?

Not sure. I seem to recall there being an issue about it at some point, but I can’t remember if it was to add it or remove it lol

Just tried it and no, it doesn’t work with a blank password.