How to enable rumble?


How can I enable rumble for PS1 games? I’m using Mednafen PSX core and Dualshock 2 controller with twin USB controller adapter. I have also installed driver for it and rumble works with TrackMania Nations Forever but I’m wondering how to enable it here.


run a game with psx core, goto quick menu > controls and set to DualShock


I did that and still no rumble.


Rumble only works with Xinput controllers. I think most PS2 USB adapters use Dinput.


I tried with my Xbox 360 controller to see if rumble works and it does but I don’t want to use that for PS1. If it works with TrackMania there must be way for Dualshock rumble to work with PS1 emulator. Strangely rumble does not work on Xbox 360 controller in TrackMania.


It’s not that simple… If rumble is only supported on retroarch via Xinput , then you can’t just force it to work on a non Xinput controller.

[Bounty] Support rumble / force feedback on Dinput controllers [$50]

So will rumble be supported on non xinput controllers in the future? What do you think? I hope so. Thanks!


You may be able to get it working with an xinput wrapper. I know simple ones exist for DualShock3 & 4. Possibly registering the controller with steam would let you do it.


Thank you! I’ll see if I can figure that out but in the meantime it would be nice to know that rumble support for xinput controllers planed in the future in retroarch.


Getting rumble to work with DirectInput in RetroArch is a matter of someone implementing the rumble function into the dinput joypad driver, like how it is in the xinput joypad driver.

I don’t know enough about DirectInput to know if it could be implemented the same way or if it requires a different implementation.