How to get cores in Chrome OS Crostini

Hello I installled retro arch with steam on my Chromebook though the Debain enviroment called crostini.
I can start retroarch but it is missing all the cores and no online downloader options at all. I understand it does not get installed and was wondering how to get them in Debain. -Thanks

Why didn’t you just try the .APK?

Unless I’m missing something, the Android version will work just fine on a Chromebook…

If you installed from the debian repos, they disable the online updater and expect you to download everything from their provided packages.

I’ve looked into installing with snap but that does not work, any alternate ways of getting them?

if it’s x86, you could try the official AppImage build:

I got this to work but the screen size is small and I am unable to change it and make it larger.