How to get rid of the blur effect on PPSSPP games

I play games with no graphic filter at all and every other core display games exactly as they are made in pixel art. Today I tried PPSSPP core with Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max and the graphics of the game had a blur effect and I did not found any way to disable it. The game runs exactly the way I want in the actual PPSSPP executable file it’s just in the Retroarch core that I can’t find a way to view PSP games without any filter. Any help?

If you’re referring to bilinear filtering, while a game is loaded, go into the quick menu > shaders > load shader preset and then look for ‘nearest.cgp’ in the shaders_cg directory.

Maybe a core option you changed? Try to set them all to their default value with START.

I think the cause of what OP is describing is the linear filter of the core options. But somehow it cannot be disabled.

This can be easily seen loading a 2D game, like Metal Slug Anthology. It looks blurry, not sharp as it should (compared with the Neo Geo version in FBN).

BUT, I think the problem comes from somewhere else… I think the console is just “emulating” the original resolution (320x224) and scaling it to its own resolution (480x272)… So probably we’ll never be able to run those games with crispy clean pixel perfect scaling, nothing Retroarch can do here (only make it worse).

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