How to load a zip file save from an m3u file

Hey guys! So I’m new to retroarch, and didn’t realize that for multidisc games I needed to create an m3u file with direct paths to each .cue file. I just finished disk one of legend of dragoon, but whenever I try to either 1) load disk directly from the .7zip file as the disk one path, or 2) extract the current .cue and .bin files from the 7zip and load a path to the .cue that way, it either doesn’t work or shows i have no save files for the game. So my question is, where are my save files saved at on the 7zip? And how can I go about creating an m3u file with them as disk one? Or do I need to start completely over :frowning: ? Thanks!

You shouldn’t need to start over, just name your savefile to match the m3u file. Make sure you back it up first, though, just in case something goes wrong.

Where is the save file located? I only have the .bin and .cue in the zip file, and whenever I extract it its like my save isn’t there, sorry just pretty confused lol

You need to extract optical disc ROMs anyway. Once it’s extracted, make the m3u point to the cue files and then rename the save game to match the m3u.

Rename the save game? Where is the save game at? The .bin or .cue file? .bin?

It should be in srm format by default.

All that is in the folder is .bin .cue and “read me”,but somehow its still saving to where when I open the zip archive in retroarch it opens to my save

it’s putting the save file somewhere else, then. You can go to settings > directory and see where your saves directory is located. If it says “content dir” or something like that, it would be the same directory as the 7z file.

Thanks for the info, I’m at work right now and will check when I get back and update you!

So I’ve gotten it to work by manually switching disks/.cue, but I can’t seem to get it to recognize the save file when I try to load the game up through the m3u. Any tips or would it be easier to just keep manually switching disks?

It depends the game. Some games let you save before switching disk (which allow you to start directly from the next disk), others don’t (in this case, you must change in game). M3U is the best option.

Now, if your save file was created with disk 1 (Legend of Dragoon (Disk 1).srm), you have to rename it into disk 2 (or with your m3u file name).

A last thing, when you switch disk with the disk control menu, you must

  1. Eject the disk
  2. Resume the game (very important)
  3. Insert next disk