How to load R-Type (Arcade)?


The scrolling isn’t smooth because the arcade version of R-type runs at 55 frames per second. Your monitor/tv needs to be running at 55hz as well.


I agree, it might be that what you identify as “not smooth” is actually normal behavior in the arcade version. Do you have a computer to compare ?



This is very interesting. I assumed that such a game runs with 59-60 frames/s like NTSC home consoles do.

But I’m afraid that’s not all. For testing purposes I have activated the Frames per Second counter on the screen. It varies between 30 and 50 frames and is quite unstable. I think this usually indicates that the hardware is overloaded.


Very few arcade cabinets actually ran at this framerate (however arcade emulators generally defaults to this framerate when there is no accurate measurement of the speed on the original hardware).

Yes, that’s pretty surprising considering the specs of your hardware, i think even the raspberry pi 2 (900mhz) was able to deal with this game. Maybe some really awful gpu driver is at fault here…


This has nothing to do with Retrarch. But I would like to mention, that some gaming Apps that I officially buy from Amazon have a terrible framerate too. Especially those with 2D graphics. I bought for example “Giana Sisters” which is a remake of a Commodore 64 platform classic. It has the worst framerate I’ve ever seen. Seems that the graphics driver is sometimes not even compatible to their own apps that they sell.


I guess that confirms my theory then. Maybe setting the frameskip to 1 in fbalpha’s core options would help a lot with your device. Or maybe buy a raspberry if you want a better gaming experience, they are cheaper than your stick i think (and retropie/lakka/recalbox are pretty easy to setup & use)


It’s all good. I play home console games most of the time. And many of the cores in RetroArch are working really fantastic on the FireTV stick. It’s almost like playing the original consoles. The arcade games-thing is a sacrifice that I can easily make.