How to make Game & Watch work?

For some reason i can’t make this system work in RetroArch with either MAME or the GW cores.

It only works with the standalone MAME. Is there something extra i have to configure to make it work in RetroArch?

I remember I had some issue, a Lua error of some kind and I just re-downloaded the .gwm files from the buildbot and everything just worked :smile:

Yeah, these work indeed.

However, the MAME Game & Watch files look much better. I would like to use those instead using the MAME core but it doesn’t work.

Thank you very much mister RiskyJumps, works great for me.

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Has anyone found a way to play the Game & Watch MAME roms through Mame core or the Tiger handhelds? I still haven’t found a way.

Edit: It worked, you need to disable softlists from the core options.

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That did the trick! Thanks! Alas, it’s slow for me as well.

They certainly have higher resolution assets, but those vectors… I won’t say that they mangled the originals’ look beyond recognition, but they do look awful! I wish I still had one of those handhelds around to show you what I mean.

@GemaH @RiskyJumps How did you apply the following artwork/graphics using the MAME core?

I put the files in system\mame\artwork.

But i also had to fiddle with the core settings because for some reason nobody understands, using those artworks makes the MAME core crawl badly at less than 50% speed. You have to use “alternate rendering” in the core options or however it’s called to run full speed but that mangles the quality of the assets.

You can improve the situation by slowly increasing the resolution (through the core options again) until you start hearing audio crackles, which indicates it doesn’t run at full speed. Each title can tolerate different resolutions so i use game overrides. However none can tolerate the full asset quality like the standalone MAME does. I don’t know what’s up with that and seems like nobody on this forum or the internet does.


@GemaH Thanks! Can also confirm the stuttering/audio issue in RetroArch core. Plays fine in MAME emulator.