How to map PS3 and/or PS4 controller correctly?

So, i have both PS3 and PS4 original controllers, cable and adaptor. However, when i connect the controller(s), Retroarch has all the buttons messed up (PS3 one seems to be more messed up). Focusing on the PS4 one, I have the D-pad and two buttons working with Auto-Config, but if i try to manually config anything, nothing works, as i get keyboard keys (shift, alt, s, z), instead of PS buttons, even though Retroarch Automatically detects a “PS4 controller”.

Do i need to use some other program to set the mapping before entering Retroarch?

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If it’s getting keyboard keys, there’s probably some other program in between the controller and RA that’s making those keyboard events happen.

I have no extra programs installed except Retroarch and Whatsapp.

Strange that on my girlfriend’s (which has a million apps ^_^) S9 + the controller can be remapped inside Retroarch without issues. We’re both on Android 9.

Oh, i just noticed this is Android. Nevermind. That’s especially confusing, then, as Android typically has the opposite problem of keyboards being treated as gamepads. I’ve never seen a gamepad treated as a keyboard o_O