How To: Mirror Mode

Sega’s latest update to their emulator collection includes a “mirror mode” feature that seems like a lot of fun, so I made a tutorial that explains how to achieve the same effect in RetroArch:


Fun! Could you clarify whether this is possible for video drivers other than Vulkan and D3D11/12?

Yeah, it definitely also works with GL via the GLSL version of the image-adjustment shader. I don’t know if the Cg version has the required option, in which case D3D9 would not be able to do it (unless/until I add the option there, too…).

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Thanks so much for this! I’ve been using a program called multimon to do this for a few months & it is very fun. The problem with using that program is that it only runs at 30fps so a lot of effects in games are lost & some games can look choppy.

I checked & didn’t see the option in the CG version.

I’d still like to see a mirror mode implemented independent of shaders (like rotation) so we can apply shaders to mirror mode.

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Looks like fun I’ll have to give this a go!