How to optimise shader for a 4k screen?

I use a 4k Screen (I’m new to Retroarch).It feels like the shader are not optimised for 4k. After a found this video i want to optimise my shaders, too.

How can i do this?


You don’t typically need to do anything to make a shader scale up to 4K.

What shader(s) are you using?

That CRT Royal Super Custom looks cool. Is it something known here?

Nope. Judging by the video poster’s comments, it’s just something s/he tweaked up and didn’t post anywhere.

Hi! actually im the author of that video! :slight_smile: glad you liked it. I can try to post here my configs .

Yeah, I’d love to take a look :slight_smile:

Here are all the cgps I have for 4K , not all are good, not all are nice, If I have more ill be adding on that folder!IlMzVTbK!yXebNPgLLwvBJDgFf00Ivg

I know the names are not nice as in the video 4KR is the super custom 4Kuro is Kurozumi 4Kold is the old shader and 4K is the other one in the video (dont remember the name on the video for that)

I a bit disappointed. On YouTube it looks better than on my 1200p screen. I suppose it’s because of YouTube recompression and downsizing to to 1080p. It looks soften and because of this better to me.

Maybe is cause i tweaked them to look better on 4k, and yes, the shaders native calculations and values will look perfect rendered on 4k screen but cannot look the same on lower resolutions, youtube as you say resizes down the 4k output what is different from rendering on 1200p what is supposed to be rendered at 2160p