How to personally post a bounty?

I have a couple of issues in some of the cores i work on/use, that i’d like to personally throw some bounties on (ie, not patreon money). I can see the bountysource link on issues in the repo, but not on core repos, eg

is it as simple as going to and posting it manually? i can seem to do that, but i wanted to first make sure it was the ‘right’ way and still would appear in all the right places!

I think the core bounties are supposed to run through the libretro-meta repository but if it’s your own thing, it could probably go through the plain core repo instead.


it doesn’t appear in but i assume that’s only the bounties that the libretro organisation has posted, rather than bounties within all the libretro git repos.

wonder if there’s a way to see the latter on bountysource? because that would cover every bounty logged against the project.