How To Quit PCSX2 Core (solution)

If you’re having problems with quitting from PCSX2 I have a solution. I use Retroarch through Emulationstation with JoytoKey to exit standalone emulators. I haven’t spotted any yet but this may have some quirks since it will taskkill any and all Retroarch cores not just PCSX2. Let me know if you have a cleaner solution.

First create a script file with the following contents:

Taskkill /F /IM retroarch.exe

Make sure to give it the .ps1 file extention.

Then in JoytoKey create a new profile for your controller and for the button you use to exit Retroarch (often button 13) go to the Launch an external Program in the Special tab. Add the following:


In parameters add: -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File “[PATH TO AND NAME OF YOUR SCRIPT FILE.ps1]”

Finally assign the profile to [PATH TO RETROARCH/Retroarch.exe]


I found an issue with this. If you want to save on exit it won’t work for any core win combination with this script. The solution is to quit using the escape key if you want setting to be saved when you exit.