How to remove Overlay Preset?

On-screen Overlay > Overlay Preset

I selected PSX animated border but now I can’t remove it.

As with all options in RetroArch, you can press spacebar or retropad-start to return to the default value, which in this case would be ‘nothing’. You can also just toggle overlays off at the top of the overlay menu.

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I wasn’t aware it’s space bar since I didn’t find it mentioned anywhere, so thanks for that.

Though I recently discovered that this is not the same case throughout Retroarch. For instance, in Input menu, you need to press delete instead of space bar in order to clear the key bindings.

spacebar returns to the default value, which may or may not have a value. In the case of input stuff, most have a default value, so spacebar won’t clear it, but you can use ‘del’ or retropad-y to unmap altogether.

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Ok that makes sense.

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