How to reset hotkey binds?

I somehow removed the “start” button functionality from a PS4 controller I have connected. As you can imagine, not being able to press “start” makes games a bit complicated. I can’t seem to find a way to reset the hotkey binds to default, can someone point me in that direction?

Alternatively, is there a hotkey I can bind that will function as the “start” button?

‘start’ isn’t a “hotkey” technically, so you would go to settings > input > port 1 binds and hit ‘default all’. You may need to re-bind after that if you were using custom binds.

For the record to return an actual hotkey assignment to default mapping, go to settings > input > hotkey binds, move the selection to the one you want to default and then hit retropad-start or spacebar. You can unmap it altogether by hitting the ‘del’ key on your keyboard.

Thanks, that didn’t seem to work unfortunately. Potentially the issue is that I am only using a gamepad to control retroarch, meaning I have no keyboard connected. I changed the function “menu toggle” to the “options” key on the PS4 controller, and even after I mapped that function to another button I am unable to simulate pressing the “start” button within a game. I am at a bit of a loss as I can’t seem to recreate that function, so I can’t really interact with any content that requires such an input.

EDIT: I just sorted it out, thank you. It all works now. I did it by going into “port 1 binds” and then there was a start button configuration. I remapped it there and all is good.

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To erase a hotkey in the “Hotkeys” OR “Port Controls” menu in RetroArch, highlight the command you want and simply press the equivalent of “Y” (SNES controller) or “Square” (Playstation controller) or “X” (Xbox Controller).

That should erase what was binded before making it free to “FIX” any error ( Just made an account to address this as i was looking in the internet to fix an error “I” made in my RetroPie’s RetroArch and didn’t find a straight foward answer)

I’m not replying to anyone in particular just leaving this for generations to come in the future looking for answers :slight_smile: