How to save keyboard binds?


I can change keyboard input bindings for each system in the input menu but they don’t get saved.

How can they be saved?


Had the similar situation some time ago when wanted to configure Typing of the Dead for Reicast, and needed to use the whole keyboard without binding.

Quoting hunterk from my topic:

“Unfortunately, hotkey binds can’t be saved in overrides (it’s just a quirk of how the input and settings stuff work). However, you can manually add a hotkey assignment to a core override using a text editor. Sadly, it will get wiped out if you re-save the override, but you can always add it back or set the override to read-only (but be sure to remember that if you try to save a new one!).”

So, add the keyboard binding line in the core cfg and set the file as ready only.


“So, add the keyboard binding line in the core cfg”

How do you do this? What’s the command?


Check in your main retroarch cfgs (I am not at home so I dont remember if it was in the default one or the cores one). You will see there the input bindings. Just grab one of the lines, paste it in the core config and modify it with the key you need.


Ok, will try. Thanks for the replies


Let me know how it goes.