How to setup DSU for Dolphin emu in Retroarch

This here:

How to so it? Where is this settings in core options? Can I add some manually in dolphin-emu.opt? Because I know it is not in gui.

For example in Windows you have ds4windows, enable udp dsu server and then you point dolphin emu to this url.

Then you can use ps4 dualshock controller with its built in accelerometer and gyro for wiimote gestures, tilt, shake. Therefore it is very important for Wii games.

So just a simple thing, put one url in dolphin-emu.opt, is that possible?

I don’t think that’s available in the libretro core, but if it is, you wouldn’t put the info into the opt core options file but rather in the core’s own config file (gamename.ini or whatever).

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