How to split the config file into two files?

I want to sync the config file across devices (using a third party program like Syncthing) but I would need to keep some device-specific settings unsynced, like monitor resolution.

Is there a way to split the retroarch.cfg file into two and tell Retroarch to use both ?

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You would probably want to use --append-config with a shortcut/launcher script to add your device-specific stuff.


Little note on this one here: Using --append-config will also change the regular configuration, so it’s not just a read only option.

just add config_save_on_exit = “false” to your appended fragments and that will avoid polluting your overall config (at which point, you’ve basically created an override).

Yes, I use the exact method to “preserve” my original configuration (used it a lot for screenshots). I just mentioned it so people don’t get surprised as I got (even if its documented somewhere). But that also means any manual made changes to settings through the GUI while playing with this option aren’t saved (I know which is obviously the point, it is just a tradeoff).

Yeah, I don’t do any syncing but I have a testing setup with different launchers for different driver and directory configurations, and I keep one non-appended shortcut for changing the global settings.

Thanks for the suggestions.

As long as the appended config keeps overwriting the main config on launch, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Sorry for the slight OT but I think it wasn’t worth to open a new thread.

About override, I made a .cfg file for tate content for fbneo where I change some video scaling option and also overlay configuration, the weird thing is that all the parameters do change correctly but the aspect ratio don’t change: I mean the value changes (also in the menu it correctly switch from 4/3 to Core Provided) but not in the actual screen, then if I do Save Game Override and then close and reopen the content it’s all good with the new config.

Not a big deal but maybe I’m doing something wrong?

In my retroarch.cfg I have

aspect_ratio_index = "0"

video_scale_integer = "true"

TATE override file

aspect_ratio_index = “22”

input_overlay = “:\overlays\TATE.cfg”

input_overlay_scale_landscape = “1.000000”

video_scale_integer = “false”

How does RetroArch find the TATE.cfg file? As far as I know the .cfg files for core overrides are found in the config folders of RetroArch. If you go to “config/FinalBurn Neo/” then you will see your core and game overrides. It does not load all of these override .cfg files, only if a matching core name, game file or folder name is found.


My tate overrivde is located in: /config/FinalBurn Neo

I named it “# TATE.cfg” so that when I load override is the first on the list.

My “playflow” for tate games (that I didn’t yet play) is :

  • Load the game
  • Quick Menu -> Overrides -> Load Override File -> select # TATE.cfg -> Save Game Override
  • Quick Menu -> Shaders -> Load Preset -> select my tate preset -> save game preset

Everything works other then the aspect ratio that doesn’t “kick in” until I re-load the game.