How to squeeze even the smallest drop of speed out of Retroarch?

So guys, could someone make a comprehensive list with all the seetings that affect performance in Retroarch? Is there one already compiled? Things like ‘threaded video’ are obvious in how they enhance the performance/speed of the games, but many options (ex: latency, audio sync?!) are not as obvious in how they affect the speed.

When you lack those 3% to reach full speed, every little thing counts.


Resampling quality maybe. Or, if you know the samplerate of the core you’re using, then you can set your operating system mixer to that, and also the Retroarch sampling rate to it also, to avoid resampling altogether.

Some cores document the sampling rate. Beetle PSX for example:


It says:

The Beetle PSX core’s core provided sample rate is 44100 Hz

So if you set 44.1kHz in Retroarch and also in Windows (if you’re using Windows) then in theory, the final resampling step is bypassed. Now on modern CPUs this probably won’t save much, but since you mentioned you’re interested in every single percent…

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