How to Update Retroarch? Reccomended

I dont want to mess chunking files. There is a clean way to update it clean and simple? I has been using the exe installer from nightly version, so can i use it?

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You can usually press F5 to get into the desktop menu and then use the updater from there, though I’ve heard some people had trouble with it updating to 1.8.2. Just make a backup of your RetroArch folder before trying it and you should be golden.


Ok I did this and then had to restart retroarch. But It wont open it is saying missing many .dll files so I got screwed :sleepy: NOw just unistalled completely and will reinstall new version… hope saved config files will work

That means you need the redist libs from the buildbot, as well, which indicates that we updated the toolchain used to build RetroArch and/or added a dependency since you installed your previous version.

Follow the steps listed below to update RetroArch to the latest version

  • Open web browser on your device
  • Go to the official Liberto website download page
  • Click on the version of Retroarch you want to download
  • Look for two files _RetroArch.7z and redist.7z And download them.
  • Now go to the download folder on your computer.
  • Highlight both of the .7Z files and extract them to the RetroArch folder using WinRar or WinZip.
  • Navigate to LaunchBox -> Emulators -> RetroArch and click ok Source:

I see this desktop menu option specifically states ‘Update RetroArch (nightly)’ -don’t suppose there’s any similarly easy way to update to the most recent stable build instead?

Also, I presume using this option if you’re on an older build and skipping several stables released since may once again mean you need the “redist libs from the buildbot, as well” ?

The in-menu option doesn’t work anymore. It depended on some server-side stuff that’s not there anymore (that’s part of why we removed it in the first place).

But yes, if you skip a few stables, you’ll probably need redist libs, so it’s usually better to just get the full-fat package and drop it onto your existing installation to make sure you get everything.

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