How to use melonDS save file in DeSmuMe core?


I have a melonDS save file from the standalone melonDS emulator and I would like to use it in the DeSmuMe 2015 core. It seems that core uses .dsv files as save files, however when I place the melonDS savefile in the save files directory and change it into a .dsv file it does not work: The game does not give me the option to continue with that save file.

Can someone give me some advice on how to tackle this issue?

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Did you simply rename the .sav file to a .dsv? I tried that method and it did not work.

I did a little research, and the only way I seemed to be able to get this to work was to import a MelonDS standalone .sav file into standalone Desmume. This allowed it to create a .dsv file that I could place into the save directory of Retroarch and it loaded up into the DeSmuMe 2015 core fine. The game I tried with this method was Dig Dug - Digging Strike.

Hope this helps ya out.