How to use MIDI (in Settings > Drivers and Settings > Audio)?

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how the MIDI options in Settings > Drivers and Settings > Audio work, but I am unable to find a documentation for a layman-type user.

Do I understand correctly that these options are purely for those of us who happen to have actual MIDI hardware hooked up to their computers?

If not, and if these options somehow allow us to use MIDI emulation (e.g. through the PCM/CONTROL ROM files), how would that be set up?

I think it is for actual midi devices, yeah. You should be able to set up a softsynth to function as the device, but it’s not handled inside of RetroArch.

If this is for dosbox-core, I recommend using its own MIDI driver if you want to use an external synth or device. For MT-32, use its built-in Munt emulator. See

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Thanks guys! In fact, it’s for the new DOSBox-Pure core. I was using DOSBox-Core until recently, and yeah I was using its built-in MT-32 functionality through Munt. I’m now trying to figure out if there’s some sort of duct tape solution to get some kind of MIDI emulation in Pure that sounds at least somewhat as good as MT-32 does in DOSBox-Core…