HumBar and scanlines... Awesomeness effects?


Hi!!! I have several doubts regarding the effects … I am currently using the snes9x core. With respect to the effects I wanted to know if it is possible to use or put the HUM BAR effect, it is an effect that can be used in MAME32, I will leave a video, the effect that I am referring to is in the 7:25 minutes of the video. Is possible use this effect in retroarch or not? i love this effect.

Video: see at 7:25 minutes

My other question is regarding this video that I will leave below … in the video you can see in the title of the game (0:25 minutes) and in the lightning (0:46, 0:47 minutes, put pause to see the effect) that have an effect of “external glow” … I use version 1.7.5 of Retroarch … according to the description of the video these are the adjustments used to obtain that “external glow” to which I refer:

In Retroarch Shaders:

Shader Passes: 2 Shader # 0: Shader # 0 Filter: Nearest Shader # 0 Scale: 2x Shader # 1: Shader # 1 Filter: Nearest Shader # 1 Scale: Do not care

In Reshade config (while in game, shitf + F2)

activated BloomAndLensFlares [Bloom.fx]

fBloomThreshold: 0.532 fBloomAmount: 0.400 fBloomSaturation: 0.840

My question is … in version 1.7.5 of retroarch … where is the Reshade config option ??? because pressing the command shitf + F2 during the game does not appear that option.

Here is the video

Can anyone prove that this effect really works as seen in the video?


ReShade is not a part of Retroarch. It’s an external tool and you have to install it manually.


I tried Reshade, it’s very cool !!! now … I’m missing an effect … HUMBAR, is it possible to apply it in Retroarch? the effect of the first video I showed? if possible… how?


The rolling line effect? You can enable it as one of the options in the mame ntsc shader.


yep i know, but i want that effect with the core snes9x : ) am playing snes games.


I was referring to the slang shader, mame-ntsc. It’s a port of the shadertoy version of MAME’s shader pipeline to RetroArch’s slang shader format.


I dont have that effect :frowning: … how can i get?


if you’re using a slang-compatible video driver (vulkan, d3d10/11/12), it’s ntsc/mame-ntsc.slanp preset.


Well I tried with Vulkan and d312,11, the effect of MAME works excellent, my problem now is that when installing Reshade with the option of Vulcan or d312,11, I open retroarch and the emulator hangs up, sticks in the beginning and closes automatically… : (