I can't control with player 3 in online multitap games

I’ve been trying to play with my friends the game Super Bomberman 5 in our Windows 10 RetroArch. We can definitely play with 2 controllers. The problem is when we try to use multitap on controler 2 so controller 3 can join us. The multitap works, we can now effectively activate players 3, 4 and 5. The second player can move the cursor and select it’s character but the 3rd player can’t do a single thing. It enters the session, but it can’t move the cursor or change it’s character.

Can anyone show some steps to make multitap work with online?

Which core are you using? Have you tried any others?

We’ve been using Snes9x (current).

Tried other versions but were hit with the same problem or worse.