I have a few questions about the core

Screenshot 2022-10-02 134039|690x368 1:The X68000 core plays Gradius2-Gofer no Yabou : The format is HDM and DIM tried After mounting, it’s like this, is there a command to enter?

2:Can I use MIDI music on the X68000 core to play Castlevania Chronicles?

3:PCE-CD is running Kojima’s Snatcher The format is ISO+wav+cue and all PCE cores open with Load Error, what’s going on?

4:Flycast How to set the mouse to play naomi House of the Dead 2 and DC VRcop 2 . I can’t move the cross of aim with the mouse

5: How to confirm the mame core missing bios

1- x68000 core for me is not working at the moment :frowning:

2- no midi at the moment, but someone was working on it.

3- make sure you have the bios files and also make sure to launch the CUE file. Also check the .cue (with a txt editor) that the files is referencing are named correctly.

4- never tried sry

5- ???

px68k still works for me and it supports MIDI. MIDI has to be enabled in the core’s options as well as in RetroArch’s settings under Audio, MIDI, Output. Change to output from Off to any MIDI device you have installed.

@DJoker I tried Gradius 2-Gofer no Yabou and is working, what you need to do is insert the second disk in the second floppy drive (FFD1) as soon as you see the boot sequence.

To do that I need to go to quick menu -> core option -> media and set swap disk on FFD1

Then: quick menu->disk management-> load disk -> select gradius 2 disk 2 -> go back and Insert Disk

Now it should work and the konami logo should appear.

I also tried GRADIUS 2 GOFER.HDF and that one it will ask 2 questions answer yes to both then it will take a while to install, after that just quick menu -> reset and the game should start.

Thanks, is working! :laughing:

Thanks Help

1- x68000 core :I just didn’t create the M3U file.