I have a new core, what to do?

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on modifying ep128emu emulator to act as a Libretro core. This ep128emu-core version is now working on a few platforms, I have also added an .info file, but I am unsure about the next steps. Who should I ask (and on what channel?) to add this repo for nightly core compilations? Should I request to join the libretro organization on Github? A pull request towards libretro-super? How will I find out if it compiled OK? And so on… Can you point me to the right direction?


hey, this is great! Yes, a PR to libretro-super for you core info file would be a great place to start. For buildbot integration, you will need a gitlab-ci.yaml recipe added in the root of the master/main branch. We used to need the core to be moved over to the libretro org (we would then add you back as admin to the repo) but I’m not sure if that’s still necessary or not.

I believe the easiest way to get all of the ducks in a row is to hop on our discord server and as in #programming. Most of the people who would know what to do hang out in there (as do I).


We have a little documentation about it.


the god of the retrogaming bless you my brother