I have a question about Retroarch and Xbox One X

What is the best way to do this without having to pay for Dev Mode because I have no way to do that and can you explain how in easy simple instructions please

We only support dev mode here. There are some people who make retail mode packages but it’s not related to us.

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can somebody please help me to get this to work on series s?

I have an Xbox Series S with Dev Mode. And Retroarch. Here’s a Link to a YouTube video. I had to pay $19 for Dev Mode. I haven’t heard of a way not to.

First I searched “Xbox Dev Mode.” Inside Xbox. I got a Link. Opened the Link on my iPhone. I had to create a new Microsoft Account. (Besides the first outlook I use for my Series S.) They don’t allow free Outlook Accounts. It has to be ending with “.onmicrosoft.com.” Then I signed up for “Individual” Developer Mode. I had to pay $19. Then I searched again and found Dev Mode. On my Series S. Next, I Installed. Then rebooted. Into Dev Mode. I had to setup another email. On the right of the Dev Mode screen is “Test User”. I created a Test User with my Gmail. (I later signed in with my First Microsoft Account email.) The same I use on my Series S. (Free Outlook.) Then I had to enter a Backup email. (Email #4.) Then I was done.

I added Xbox Live. Not sure if you need that. After a few days, it wouldn’t sign into my Gmail “Test User.” So I created a new test user with my first outlook email. The same I use on Series S non-Dev Mode. Since then I haven’t had any problems. Just hold on the Controller and it will sign in. To Dev Mode. With my free Outlook email.

Here’s the Video. At around 2 Minutes it explains “Account Registration.” Thats when you will Pay for $19. Hope this helps…

Install Dev Mode Xbox Series S and X! Dev Mode Full Setup Tutorial & App Install Guide! - YouTube

Well this wasn’t what I asked for I asked to be able to do it without having to paying for Dev Mode

With recent events, paying for Dev Mode sadly isn’t even an option in and of itself anymore either.

What in the world does that even mean

It means that things have changed recently, you can’t just pay for Dev Mode anymore. Microsoft is cracking down, you can check recent events for the details.

Go to youtube and look up retail mode retroarch. You should find what your looking for there. Its not officially endorsed by libretro in anyway which means if you use the retail version then you could be banned by microsoft.