I have an idea!

I just got any idea. Dont know if it is doable but Iโ€™ll try anyway. Lets say you add someone on retroachievements.org as a friend. Why not have a friend list in retroarch like on the ps3 os :slight_smile: Maybe you could even see if they are online or not. And check out their achievements and all. Just an idea I got :slight_smile:

Thatโ€™s a good idea, yeah. Iโ€™m not sure how easy/difficult it would be to actually display that info, but I like the concept.

Of course, such a friend list that displays achievements, maybe the current game and online/offline status is maybe too much work? I dont know stuff like that. But I guess its not more work than to create a emulator? Wich you people do :slight_smile:

heh, the UI stuff is often among the hardest things we do, unfortunately. Not just creating it, but figuring out a way to make it work effectively and intuitively in a gamepad-driven interface with very rigid design constraints that apply to all of the menu drivers.

I see. Well I hope it will happen some day :slight_smile: glad you like the idea.

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