I have to unplug and replug my controller every time I open a game

Please help me with this issue.

Running Retroarch 1.15.0 on Linux, installed via snap.

I have a Moga “XP5-X Plus” controller that worked wonder with previous installations f Retroarch on the same PC (and works flawlessly on other systems for what its worth).

I recently reinstalled my laptop, and now this is happening.

What could I do to resolve the issue or help you in debugging it?

Many thanks!

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Follow-up, this might be interesting for other users and maybe the dev (or packaging?) team might want to verify the snap installation.

I uninstalled the snap installation of Retroarch. I installed the flatpak version instead.

Very same Retroarch build version.

With the flatpak package that one issue is gone, so it was related to the snap package only.

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Yep, this is a known issue with the snap package. I don’t know what’s causing it, but I know it’s something on the snap side (i.e., not RetroArch’s fault) because I compiled older, known-good revisions of the code as snaps and they had the same behavior.

Unfortunately, when I posted about it at the snap support forum, I got zero traction, so we’re just kinda stuck unless/until someone can figure out what’s going wrong.

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Oh, OK. I guess, maybe the snap package shouldn’t be listed among the options then? I mean, it’s a pretty massive bug this one here and a lot of users might go through some frustrations or give up.

At the very least I’d put a warning if I may.

Something like “snap package [BEWARE: there is a bug preventing the controller to be recognized every time you fire up a game”.

Seriously, it is pretty big and probably causing a significant loss of time to quite some people.

Thanks for caring whether you agree or not :smiley:

For reference, here is the ticket related to this issue.


I recently install the PPA of Retro Arch on my Linux Mint box and it run’s well in “rgui” mode. Just an idea if you want to give it a try.