I may help retroarch forum find out who try hack libretro server

just thinking this plz — if you rate the people(i mean the hacker) who can do such job to hack libretro server 1 - 10 level — i bet these people were 9 - 10 level — they will pass F2A easy if they truly want to do it.

its china — and these people from big technology company — under someone’s order. their main job are not hacker — ---- they more like work for top-rich people and government

awaiting reply

I will tell the deep story about------- your western film and video game industry been “take over” by china

china can change anything they want with global entertainment industry.

anyone there?

sorry for type 2fa not f2a

so nobody care?

the chat history from me and a guy that write hollywood blog the detail about how china manage everything https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nimP-GpVcyxEd6G7ZbYO16VcFzQmWwwo/view?usp=sharing

i think maybe theres someone will help me release all my story to public first then i can go much bigger about everything i recorded about how china change almost anything with entertainment market like movie video game etc…

and they done all of these just for some stupid reason

back to our question

why china hack your libretro server?

i use retroarch android often

since my android phone got spy by these rich people and they dont care about anything in this world they dont like me they use pewdiepie to laugh me

by paid him and use their power try force him i dont really care

i find out this is really bad i use western android app 100%

no single one from china market


retroarch got hacked. you must understand how chinese they are thinking…

i use retroarch and they spy me use retroarch play emulation

my persional detail been write into many 2018-2020 western video game (believe me or not)

so i stop play many newest video game on console or pc

these chinese they knew i use retroarch for emulation so they try wipe your server. always remember this in the end

china wont like west just like west wont like china.

message i write half year ago

everything become so true

the rockstargames

the newest halo game


i remember in neogaf thread theres people they think some of video game their story writer are changed

like division 1 are good division 2 lol become bad

ubisoft been deal with china company many years

china can even control ubisoft in many “underground” way (add idea etc…)

and no-one will find out… just for example

some video game dev they feel upset so they leave the project but anyway project will still go on. its all about money

Paid to change or force to change many western film video game story script Many people they start feel weird but they don’t understand what cause these… Like people those in neogaf Reddit etc… They feel weird but they don’t understand what cause these… Lol

They can only say something like " oh this game ruined oh disappointed oh this game company long gone " etc…

Only China can do this

Western people never use such trick to ruin entertainment production

Forgot to say I’m not sure about tlou part 2 director / write He want get access to Hollywood??!

Because China secretly control mostly Hollywood production So he “sold his tlou part2 story script soul” to China Let China do story script idea change The story begin really bad for killing main character in the first tlou game Make worldwide player feel super up-set…

I feel things are total out of control Focus home … ubisoft etc… These major Europe video game company all start affect by china

chinese rich they are changed kojima productions(death stranding ’ s story script). now they are try ruin rockstargames. later is halo infinite.

china trade your western entertainment system like a fool

i have massvie details

im awaiting some people in here help me release my story to media like news etc

rockstar games is over

dan houser been force to out/leave

its take two take two start deal with chinese

From german Wikipedia about Tencent’s ownersip of other companies:

Activision Blizzard Videospiele 5 % Epic Games Videospiele 48,4 % Frontier Development Videospiele 7,5 % Funcom Videospiele 100 % Grinding Gear Games Videospiele 80 % JD.Com E-Commerce 18,1 % Mail.Ru E-Mail 7,4 % Paradox Interactive Videospiele 5 % Riot Games Videospiele 100 % Snapchat Social Media 12,1 % Spotify Musikstreaming 7,5 % Supercell Videospiele 84 % Tesla Elektromobilität 5 % Ubisoft Videospiele 5 %

so what do you guys think?

dont get me wrong

the neogaf admin evilore banned me for “seek professionals help” and he reply me “money rule everything”

i believe western people mostly dont care if china take over western entertainment industry

am i right?

also reddit blocked me for “keep community safe”