I need a REAL complete MAME ROM set. Please help


Hi everyone,

I have downloaded various so called complete MAME ROM sets but the majority of the games do not work. The dreaded ‘missing ROM or CHD images’ message appears. Many old games say from 1983 work just fine.

I mainly want to play Capcom CPS1 and CPS2 games. I would like the complete collection.

Is there really a complete ROM set out there with all the required files for all of the games to run properly?



huh… good luck not getting banned asking for roms…


Yeah, we can’t help you find ROMs. As far as we’re concerned you own everything you play and dump them from your own copies in accordance with your local laws.


Yeah Hunter. The Spanish law of legal use of MAME arcade ROMS. I’m sure there is one in every country!! Is there one in yours?


If you follow this guide you will know which arcade romset collection to use with each of the arcade emulation cores: https://docs.libretro.com/guides/arcade-getting-started/


AFAIK there is no such law on US. And even if there was it’s not allowed by the rules here.


First you must understand how mame and rom sets works, here es a useful link to explains that.


then you will know what version of mame/rom you need to run; good luck looking for your your roms as nobody here can help you with that.


I have found the solution. A not so popular resource which is difficult to find with a regular Google search. No nonsense precise information. Rare on the internet!! Wouldn´t you agree?


It’s rare, and often spoke about in cryptic ways because it’s illegal in basically any use-case unless you are using your own personal copies - that you yourself copied - from your own original. At least in the US. Quite honestly, the only thing that has kept the emulation community online so strong is a near lack of enforcement.

That’s why everyone lost their mind a few months back when Nintendo sued one particular site into oblivion, and then several other major resources voluntarily shut their doors. It was almost unheard of for it to be enforced to that degree.

(Frankly, I blame the rise of the Raspberry Pi device. Everybody and their grandma’s dog was selling them outright with the pre-filled libraries, and when Nintendo tried to make it’s own version the LOUD consensus was “that’s stupid, just build a pi and download the roms”. …way to stay on the down low people…)


It’s simple really and it needs only two minutes of study. You need a set of ROMS with all the required files. Nothing more. Nothing less. The internet is awash with pointless information. Why complicate matters? I’ve just purchased the chips from all arcade games 1981-1997 on eBay for 297000 GBP. I HAVE THE COMPLETE SET!!