I need assistance for JXD s7800

Good morning everyone. I was reading other channel to I accidentally switch from gl to vulan it went black Now I want gl back to normal, I don’t want redo RetroArch yesterday it took 5 hours scanning on my sd card. Reason Why I wanted is scanline easy on my eye! But can’t find it shader. Thank you for reading note I am deaf I tried my best Putin in English

is it a black screen when you load up retroarch, or only when you are loading a game? If it is black when you load RA, then perhaps there is a way to delete the config file that RA uses when starting up. I’m not sure on Android if this is possible to do.

If it’s just when games are loading, I would think you could go back to Settings->drivers, and change that back to GL

When changing setting gl to vulan that I goofed I went to, I might delete *cfg file and scan 5 hours thank for trying help me.

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