I Need Help Ripping Street Fighter Collection (PS1)

I have a copy of Street Fighter Collection for PS1 that I want to rip for use in an emulator. I have had success ripping the disc with Magic ISO, but there is no music. No other program I have used has been successful in ripping the game at all, including ImgBurn (the program I typically use.) I know that this game has the audio split across multiple separate files, but I cannot figure out what else to do. For what it’s worth, playing the game in an emulator directly from the disc does work and does have the music, so I think there must be a way to rip this and have music. Any ideas?

There’s recently been a feature to be able to rip directly from RetroArch - am sure the devs would love you to give it a shot and have some feedback, it seems like a ‘dump disc’ option may be available through the Beetle core?


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I suggest reading the articles in this wiki:


Rion’s method worked. Retroarch’s built-in ripper did not work for this game. Thanks though!

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