I need to zoom in %5~10 While using PPSSPP core on RetroArch (Windows)


I need to zoom in %5~10 While using PPSSPP core on RetroArch (Windows). I couldn’t find any way to do it any menu including core options. Neither I could find a shader for it. Any advice?

Thank you.

Yes, I’m using “settings/video/scaling/integer scale and integer scale overscale” options.

For some of you the request is never enough, you must know the reason. And here it is: I’m playing Street Fighter Alpha Max on RetroArch PPSSPP core on a ~square screen. This game uses ~4:3 ratio and while playing it I’m having both horizontal and vertical black borders. If I can apply a general %5~10 scale, it will fit the screen, or at least it will fit better than now.

The image-adjustment shader includes zooming settings.

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Thank you. Where can I find it? Under which shader group?

it’s available in the ‘misc’ directory. The slang version has a preset you can load while the glsl version is just a bare shader pass, making it a little more awkward to load. I recommend switching your video driver to a slang-compatible driver anyway (glcore, for example).

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thank you again. sadly, I don’t have anything under misc. can I manually add it to retroarch by downloading and putting it to a folder?

It’s already there. Both slang and glsl versions come bundled with RetroArch.

I recommend going to settings > driver and change your video driver to “glcore” then go to main menu > quit RetroArch. Re-launch it and then open a core+content, go to quick menu > shaders > load and then look in shaders_slang/misc.

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Thank you. I have found the option and changed the zoom factor to fit the vertical borders. However, it didn’t zoom in th entire screen, the screen stayed as psp screen ratio. so when I scale, top and bottom parts of the visual cropped. It’s a little hard for me to explain sorry. What I mean is, it zoomed within psp screen in my screen cropping top and bottom. I need a global zoom.

Ah, yes, shaders can only write to the rendered viewport. If you go to settings > video > scaling and change your aspect ratio to “full”, it should stretch everything to fill the whole screen.

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Thank you greatly. Then I can change this setting to form correct ratio.

As a bonus question: My pc is very old. Does this glcore requires more power than my previous gl driver?

it shouldn’t, no. It’s just a more modern version of OpenGL, and GPU vendors typically focus more on supporting this newer version than they do on the legacy 2.0 used in the “gl” driver.

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