I7-2600 or i5-3570K

I’ve been wondering this today, currently I have an i7-2600 and it works great together with the GTX 1660ti, some new PC games bottlenecks the CPU depending on the scene and I noticed the i5-3570K, being unlocked can use its overclocking features for better performances, while being cheaper, I could basically sell my used and buy an i5-3570K also used and keep the change, around 80 bucks.

I understand the i7 has 4 cores+4 threads, while the i5 is quad core without the threads, but I don’t know how much the HT thing impacts overall performance in PC games or emulators. Their stock clock are basically the same 3.4Ghz (3.8Ghz in Turbo).

I’m also using a nice Cooler Master to keep the i7 at 60°C max, even on full load for long periods of time. So if I used OC on the i5, it would still be kept cool.

Does anyone have the i5-3570K OCed that could give me some insight and possibly compare it to the 2600?

It all depends on the games you want to run. I have an i7-2600K from 2010 [email protected]

The extra threads of the i7 help a lot with simulation games like X-Plane & Asseto Corsa. You will also need the extra threads if you plan to run emulators like Cemu.

For everything below these, an i5 works fine.

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