[Idea / Suggestion] Apply a blur shader on the menu?


I really like the effect that is applied when you pause the game on the official Nintendo Switch SNES emulator (see here at 2’30 : https://youtu.be/0LhgtIcfl6o?t=150 ).

I was wondering if it was possible to have something similar on Retroarch, for example by applying the “kawase_blur_9pass” shader to the game, but only when the Retroarch menu is on ? Would it be difficult to implement ?

It’s a nice effect indeed!

This may require to make a new theme with white text on top of a transparent/black background, overlayed on top of a blurred image of the game…

Shaders can be unpractical as not all platforms support them, and they would have to be somehow hard-coded to ensure they are present, and of a supported type for the driver… (And if they crash on some platforms, one should be able to disable the effect completely…)