[Idea / Suggestion] Apply a blur shader on the menu?


I really like the effect that is applied when you pause the game on the official Nintendo Switch SNES emulator (see here at 2’30 : https://youtu.be/0LhgtIcfl6o?t=150 ).

I was wondering if it was possible to have something similar on Retroarch, for example by applying the “kawase_blur_9pass” shader to the game, but only when the Retroarch menu is on ? Would it be difficult to implement ?

It’s a nice effect indeed!

This may require to make a new theme with white text on top of a transparent/black background, overlayed on top of a blurred image of the game…

Shaders can be unpractical as not all platforms support them, and they would have to be somehow hard-coded to ensure they are present, and of a supported type for the driver… (And if they crash on some platforms, one should be able to disable the effect completely…)

I’m upping this old topic of mine, just to know if something like this has been considered since last time I asked ? I still think it would be a pretty nice effect for RetroArch. :slight_smile: It would also make the text of the menu more readable.

Here is an idea of what it could look like:


We can see that the text is way more readable with the blur enabled.

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Nice! (As long as there is an on/off switch for it.) I do a lot of fine tuning to my graphics from the parameters dialog.