I'M PISSED OFFFF PCSX Rearmed Core Controller Issue

Ok guys so, this is all great until something pisses me off and i can’t find any reason why So, i 've got a stack of PS1 games on my RetroArch equipped PC and, i’ve just installed PCSX core, it’s working nice n all except the Controller I mean the Controller is working inside the RetroArch menus itself with no problem but, as soon as i run a PS1 game such as Tekken 3 it just stops working inside the game I can’t find any reason the Controller working with no problems in other sections SO WHY THIS DAAMN THING NOT WORKING IN MY PS1 GAAAAMES :frowning:

Anyway i really appreciate if someone having any solution

Try setting the “multitap” setting (I don’t recall whether it’s in the core options or the remap menu) to “disabled” instead of “auto”.