Implement ResidualVM in ScummVM for Lakka for Switch / Wii U.

This question is mainly for Nintendo Switch version of Lakka as it has a bit more capacity than the Wii U, though it would be superinteresting if plausible for the Wii U too.

Anyways. My question is - can ResidualVM - the 3D sister engine of ScummVM be implemented in the Switch version of Lakkas ScummVM emulator?

I have seen a couple of other systems that combine these two emulators into one. For instance “Recalbox”

" This new emulator has been added by lmerckx as a second ScummVM core . The switch between ScummVM and ResidualVM is automatic. Indeed, the way to add new games is the same as for ScummVM. The only difference is the file extension to use. Once your game inside the /recalbox/roms/scummvm folder, you have to name your shortcut file as gameShortName.residualvm instead of gameShortName.scummvm (for example grim.residualvm to add Grim Fandango). Recalbox will automatically select and use the right emulator."

and RetroPie.

“– Combined Residualvm into Scummvm so it’s seamless and can select emulator.”

With this I was hoping to play Myst III as well as the original version of Grim Fandango on the Switch?

So is this doable on the Switch?

No one knows? Would really love to play Manny boy on the road.

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