Implementation of Retroachievements on Retroarch for WII?


I would like to play 3rd - 4th gen games on wii with the ability to unlock achievements for them, especially since using retroarch for wii is the easiest way to play on crt.

How possible is this ?


RetroAchievements requires network support, which I don’t think is hooked up for the Wii port but is technically possible, maybe…? I think the Wii U port has network support, at least.


I’m not sure that even has the ability to define achievements for the Wii. The only just recently added N64 support


Not for the wii, just retroarch with achievements available on the wii for the consoles already supported by retroachievements, it shouldn’t be that complicated.


Oohhhh I’m sorry I misunderstood.


bparker actually added this for Wii U recently:


Could he try adding the same feature on the wii ? they are both pretty similar in relation to retroarch, right ?


I don’t think the regular Wii has network access implemented at all, so it’s a pretty big job, I think. I’ll talk to him about it, though.


I just read your old answer now, is there any news pertaining this feature ?


Not that I know of. AFAIK, RetroArch has no networking support on the regular Wii, only Wii U.


Hello, Wii has network support so should be possible to implement. Would love to get my NES achievements on my Wii.

Just posting as I also would love to it happen.